Session recordings

Wednesday 2 September

Trustworthy Inter-connected Cyber-Physical Systems

Prof Chris Hankin, Imperial College London

Finding Fast Flux Traffic in DNS Haystack

Williams Surjanto, Charles Lim

FI-WARE based authorization for a smart grid’s scalable, trusted, and interoperable platform

George Suciu, Alexandru Vulpe, Cristiana Istrate, Mari-Anais Sachian, Marius Vochin

A Systematic Literature Review of Information Sources for Threat Modeling in the Power Systems Domain

Engla Ling, Robert Lagerström, Mathias Ekstedt

A Decade of Research in CPS Security: An Unconsummated Union Between Control Theory and Information Security

Dr Alvaro Cardenas, University of California, Santa Cruz


Thursday 3 September

Defending Oil & Gas Critical Infrastructures from Cyber-attacks

Prof Dimitris Gritzalis, Dr George Stergiopoulos, Athens University of Economics & Business

A Tale of Two Testbeds: A Comparative Study of Attack Detection Techniques in CPS

Surabhi Athalye, Chuadhry Mujeeb Ahmed, Jianying Zhou

Portable cybersecurity training and research platform for power grids

Dennis Rösch, Adam Bartusiak, Stephan Ruhe

Bristol Cyber Security Group Testbed Tour / Q&A

Joseph Gardiner, Awais Rashid

Good to Bad: When Industrial Protocol Translation Goes Wrong

Marco Balduzzi, Charles Perine, Philippe Lin, Ryan Flores, Rainer Vosseler, Luca Bongiorni